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This is the crowdfunding sales page for the Eco Stoves Cooker and Accessories. Purchases made here will go towards the production costs of the initial batch. The goal is to pre-sell 100 units which allows us to achieve optimal production pricing.

Your pledge to purchase here helps us to bring this project to reality. Thank you for your support! The Crowdfunding page is now live until… 5 November!


The Eco Stoves Cooker Sales Launch is over for now. Join the email list if you wish to be notified about future sales.








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Eco Stoves Cooking System

The Eco Stoves Cooker is a multi-functional cooking system that combines a base heat engine (which functions as a stand alone cookstove) with a range of accessories to allow for a variety of cooking options.


The Eco Stoves Cooker is the base unit at the core of the system where the heat is generated from clean combustion of either biomass pellets or small sized wood as fuel.

Start with this unit and add the components you want to build up the system you want.


The Eco Stoves Cooktop is the next step in the system, which allows for multi-pot cooking and which also serves as the foundation for various other attachments, such as BBQ plates, Pizza Oven and even a Heat Radiator. The Cooktop allows for the installation of a flue kit, so that the unit can be used in situations where venting of flue gases is desired.


The Pizza Oven Kit is an optional product which is designed to sit on the Cooktop and which allows for an authentic wood fired pizza experience. This can also be used as a small oven for cooking other things such as roasting meat or vegetables. 


Note that the images here are prototypes in development and the final production version will look much better, although the functionality will be the same.


Biomass Fuel

Our stoves are designed to run on small sized wood or biomass pellets made from waste wood material.

Eco Rocket Stoves

Rocket Stove technology is at the core of all our designs, burning smoke for cleaner combustion and higher efficiency.

Sustainable Energy

Waste biomass fuel combustion is a sustainable energy source with low Carbon emissions. 

Low Pollution

The clean combustion technology offers high temperature fire based heat with little to no smoke outputs. 

Eco Stoves Cooking System Crowdfunding

This is a very basic crowdfunding page to see if there is enough interest in this kind of rocket stove systems in Australia. I have capped the sales at 100 units so that I can check each and every unit and make sure that everyone gets a complete set with clear instructions. I will also be asking for feedback on performance and any suggested attachments. By supporting this project, you are supporting me to keep doing more of this kind of thing.

Regarding the crowdfunding schedule, there is a timeline below. The products that are released here are fully designed, tested and functional and when 100 sales are achieved I will go into production. If I do not reach 100 sales then I will either renegotiate the production volume or extend the timeframe, however I am confident we will reach this modest target.

With regards to shipping, I will contact everyone after the campaign with a quote for shipping that will be additional to the costs mentioned here.
For anyone close enough to come and pickup from the Byron Shire, that will certainly be an option.

SHIPPING Price Indications
(for reference only, not final quote):

Cooker sent anywhere in Oz (not NT): $50AUD
Cooker sent to the Northern Territory: $70AUD
Cooker sent to the USA: $250AUD
Cooktop sent to the USA: $170AUD

With Thanks!

Option 1

Eco Stoves Cooker – Base Unit
(single pot cooking)

This is the foundational piece of the Eco Stoves Cooking System. All combinations start with this, the biomass heat engine that stands alone as a single pot high temperature cooker without any other attachments.
This package includes a set of exchangeable metal plates for the biomass burner grill to optimise for various kinds of pellets and fuel. It also include SS side panels to trap heat and make the unit safer to be around as well as look super cool! Also included are 2x fiddle tools for manipulating the hot parts of the stove when operational. 

RRP – $450

Earlybird – $350

Option 2

Cooker & Wheel Kit
(single pot cooking on wheels)

This includes Option 1 and adds robust set of 6 wheels on a solid 2mm base that allows for easy mobility and great stability! 

NOTE: If you want the base for extra stability without the wheels, let me know and I will work out a rate for that. 

Price is the total including the Cooker. 

RRP – $595

Earlybird – $450

Option 3

Cooker with Cooktop & Flue Kit
(multi-pot cooking)

This includes Option 1 (Cooker) and adds the next piece of the Eco Stoves Cooking System, the Cooktop. This modular add-on increases the functionality considerably, upgrading the single burner cookstove into a multi-pot cooker that can also support heat distribution various kinds of BBQ plates as well as a Pizza Oven.

Additional accessories are being developed that make use of this cooktop, such as a bread oven and heat radiating barrel attachment. The Flue Kit includes 3 sections of flue at 450mm each. As a minimum you will need to use at least 2 sections even if outdoors, for correct airflow through the system. 

Price is the total including the Cooker.

RRP – $745 

Earlybird – $595

Option 4

Cooker, Cooktop & Wheel Kit
(multi-pot cooking on wheels)

This includes Option 3 (Cooker and Cooktop) and adds robust set of 6 wheels on a solid 2mm base that allows for easy mobility and great stability!

NOTE: If you just want the wide base for extra stability without the wheels, let me know and I will adjust the price for this.

Price is the total including Cooker and Wheelset.


RRP – $845

Earlybird – $695

Option 5

Add the Pizza Oven Kit

The Oven comes with Pizza Stone and a Pizza Peel to complete the Pizza Oven Kit. The combination of the Eco Stoves Cooker with the Cooktop and the Pizza Oven make for an incredibly versatile cooking setup that will make your “cooking with fire” adventures way more diverse and interesting!

We are just finalising the design and pricing for this, and will announce this as soon as it is ready. Anyone who purchases the Cooker at Earlybird rates will be offered this at a special rate as soon as it’s ready. 



Sales are currently paused whilest we ship the first batch of units. Please join the mailing list if you want to be notified about any future sales launches.  

Our Stove Designs Improve the Way we Heat and Cook, with Minimal Impact on the Environment. 

Outdoors Cooking Has Never Been This Fun!

Pull up at a campsite, set up the Eco Stoves Cooker and have coffee brewing in minutes on clean burning waste biomass pellets. 

Modular Design

All the panels are laser cut as flat panels, with no welding or folding required. This allows us to do production locally in Australia and keeps production costs down. It also means that all components are easily and cheaply replaceable. 

High Temperature Cooking

Many small camping rocket stoves are cute, (don’t get me wrong, I like them too) but they just don’t put out enough heat for any kind of serious cooking. The Eco Stoves Cooker is a heavy & robust heat engine that puts out serious temperatures (up to 700+C at the cooking surface). 

Wood Fired Pizza Anyone?

Although we didn’t design the Eco Stoves Cooker to be just a wood fired rocket for a pizza oven, it certainly serves that role admirably. And not just pizza… anything you want to cook in the slot oven (like these Pizza Scrolls) works well!

Eco Stoves Cooker – Launch Schedule


sep 2021

 Eco Stoves Cooker Earlybird Launch

For our first product launch under the Eco Stoves Australia brand, we are aiming to sell 100 units in order to begin production.


NOV 2021

Production Phase 1 – Cooker

Commence production for the base unit Eco Stoves Cooker. Receive units and organise packaging and delivery.


nov 2021

Production Phase 1 – Cooktop and Accessories

Commence production and product sourcing for the accessories (Cooktop, Flue Kit and Wheel Kit). Coordinate packaging and delivery.


DEC 2021

Delivery Period

Aiming to get the first 100 units (with accessories) delivered to customers in time for Christmas.


FEB 2022

Eco Stoves Cooker Kit- Launch Phase 2

All going well we will aim to do a second round of 100 units (with accessories) at the beginning of 2022.

“Being able to go from making a coffee to cooking wood fired pizza to heating the patio on the Eco Stoves Cooker is what makes this so good!”

- Ross Smith

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