At Eco Stoves Australia we use a core design technology often known as “Rocket Stove” design as this is an established open source proven technology that burns Biomass more efficiently and cleanly than many other combustion processes. We have taken this design principle and modified it over several years to function in a highly effective way for a wide range of applications.

In simple terms, optimal combustion is a result of the right mix of 3 things, heat, fuel and oxygen. The way a rocket stove designed product achieves this is via feeding fuel into a combustion zone with optimal airflow and enough heat trapping so as to keep the combustion temperature high enough that smoke itself is burnt. This results in a clean burn as well as a lot more heat for the amount of fuel used.

We find that a well designed rocket stove heater or cooker will give approximately double the heat for the fuel used as compared to a traditional ‘biomass’ combustion device.